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The growth of online transactions is skyrocketing across MENA. In the UAE 62% of consumers have bought something online in the last month, of which 47% made the purchase using their mobile phone. In KSA online transactions have doubled, with 33% of those purchases made using a mobile phone. In addition to this, across MENA we have seen an increase in usage of public transport systems.  For example, over 534 million people are using the Dubai public transport system, a very large proportion of these commutes is in cash-equivalent technology like smartcards.

In this sense the world of mobile, payment and transit are converging, raising the need for secure transaction in every aspect of people’s life.  

 UL provides end-to-end services in the world of electronic transactions, safeguarding security, compliance and global interoperability within the mobile, payment, transit and government domain.   

 For over two decades we have worked with banks, mobile network operators, governments, public transport operators and vendors to help ensure that their transaction technology is trustworthy, compliant with all standards and inter-operable worldwide. 


The benefits of working with UL 

 The rapidly evolving nature of global payment markets, coupled with regional regulatory changes, heavily impact the strategic and tactical decisions you need to make to remain relevant. 

 As independent advisors, we help you understand regulations and standards in the payments, mobile, transit and government domain. By navigating market complexity, we reduce your time-to-market in developing strategies and roadmaps which guide you through the payments maze.  

In this way, we empower you to launch your innovative products and services in a trustworthy, compliant and interoperable manner, in the fastest time possible. 

We provide advice, training, compliance and interoperability services, security assurance services and test tools, during the full life cycle of your product development process or the implementation of new technologies. Projects include EMV migration, contactless and mobile payments implementations (NFC/HCE/BLE), security design, architecture and assurance, data security (PCI, Common Criteria, FIDO, etc.), identification, authorization and authentication solutions, and e-ticketing (AFC) implementations to name a few. 

 UL’s people proactively collaborate with industry players to define robust standards and policies. Bringing global expertise to your local needs. UL has accreditations from industry bodies including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, EMVCo, UnionPay International, PCI, GCF, GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum,NIAP, NCSC, UL CAP, FIDO and many others.