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Indoor Air Quality has been proven to be 2-10 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), and this statistic is believed to be more severe in less developed countries, leading to increased health problems such as asthma, headaches and allergy attacks.  

 In the MENA region where the climate has such a significant impact on the amount of time people spend indoors it is vital the air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting in these indoor environments will not be detrimental to our health.  

 UL has over 120 years of experience serving the appliance industry and has been working with the industry since its inception. We do more than just simply test and certify small appliance products to the applicable safety standards required worldwide.  

 The benefits of working with UL 

 From prototyping to sourcing, risk analysis, quality assurance, regulatory compliance reviews, energy efficiency testing and environmental certifications, UL can look after all your critical business needs. Our ever-growing capacity and capabilities for assessing safety and performance enable us to provide industry-leading turnaround times for test results. 

 Our services are designed to help our customers cut through compliance complexity and speed the process of bringing safer products to the global market.  

 UL’s global network of laboratories includes five facilities dedicated to meeting the needs of the heating, ventilation, air-con and lighting industries. Our specialized team has unparalleled expertise in the design review process. We work closely with our customers to help them plan for and meet compliance demands for energy efficiency programs. 

 We also help drive the integrity of supply chains worldwide with services including factory capability and social compliance assessments, top of production (TOP) inspections and in-process quality checks (DU PRO) to help detect variances and defects at critical checkpoints through the entire manufacturing process.