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UL safeguards the strength of building products. We help advance the building products industry’s drive to achieve both safety and innovation with flexible, customized service options for reliable, cost-effective product testing and certification. As a global leader in safety testing, UL works with various government authorities in the MENA region to promote safe living and working environments.  

 Our corporate and government clients employ us to ensure the end consumers are protected! With construction continuing at pace in The Middle East we offer a trusted source of testing and reassurance. 

 A major regional factor in recent years has been the rapid growth of the power sector driven by huge industrialization and increased energy consumption. This has led to a huge increase in the supply chain with both locally manufactured products and imports comprising of various electrical items found in most buildings such as switchgears, circuit breakers, cable management systems, transformers and distribution accessories. 

 Many authorities have introduced strict pre-qualification requirements to ensure public safety and set a benchmark of quality. These various vital products and components must undergo the right level of testing to ensure they reach these levels of quality and protect the public from risks such as fires. 


With an emphasis on the latest safety science, UL meets all of the building products industry’s critical business needs. This includes a comprehensive services portfolio for products ranging from roofing to floors, fire doors and walls to insulation, paints and adhesives to wall coverings and much more. 

We also offer technical engineering support services, factory capability assessments, quality assurance, regulatory compliance testing and sustainability and environmental certifications. 

Our expertise in regulatory and global market access issues enables us to assist our manufacturing customers in determining exactly what regulations apply to their target markets, which products need to be tested and whether testing should be conducted on components or finished goods.  

We can help customers develop a testing plan and we can provide guidance on regulatory details ranging from regional code compliance and required follow-up services to record keeping.  

 We will customize testing and analysis for specific regional markets and market-specific standards. 

Our customers can leverage UL expertise at our facilities around the world and through our partner laboratories, including our state of the art facility in Abu Dhabi.  

We also offer field inspection and engineering services and the ability to test in a customer’s laboratory through our Data Acceptance Program (DAP).  

UL’s Evaluation Service helps get building products to market faster with a single place for complete code compliance. This service includes a report that presents UL’s findings after an evaluation of products to ICC-ES (International Code Council’s Evaluation Service) Acceptance Criteria and compliance with the intent of code requirements.  

Combined with UL safety certification for building products, UL’s code evaluation service can facilitate market acceptance in a fraction of the time normally required to demonstrate compliance with International Codes. 

UL product safety certifications, the code evaluation service and the UL Mark also assist code authorities, architects, designers, specifiers and contractors with accurately determining code compliance for products that must be tested and/or certified in accordance with specific standards.   

We also offer UL product directories and the Online Certifications Directory containing the names of companies qualified to use a UL Mark, an invaluable resource to minimize compliance processing and construction delays.