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Renewable Energy has become one of the hottest topics in the Middle East and North Africa as governments look to diversify from fossil fuel dependency and build a more sustainable future for the economy and the planet.  

 This increased interest in renewable energy has created new technical challenges for authorities, designers and installers. Fortunately, UL has developed solutions that addresses these challenges with research, standards development, certifications and education. 

 By understanding the latest renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind and smart-grids, UL fully supports our customers’ drive to bring safer sustainable products and services to the marketplace. Our Middle East team works diligently with renewable innovators to protect this generation and the next, all while inspiring the search for the next great innovative leap. 

 UL’s global presence enables us to deliver localized services to our customers, while providing the latest information and services from around the world that they need to gain accelerated access to markets around the world.