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In order to gain access to the Saudi Arabia market, a new program for safety of products called ‘SALEEM’ have been established by SASO for some product categories. Through this system, products can obtain a Type Approval Certificate valid for one year for their products based on the conformity scheme needed to be applied on the product. For example, some products are subjected to an international conformity scheme (IECEE) where a Certificate of Product Conformity (CoPC) is considered a mandatory prerequisite for obtaining the Product Certificate.

The Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM) goes a step further in pursuing quality and safety of products on accessing the Saudi market.
The program is designed on an integrated system of product technical regulations, rules and criteria for ensuring the safety of the product. Also, SALEEM program, which uses global best practices to shape the future of product safety, is now executed on an integrated online platform called “SABER”, to facilitate the certification and validation process through certification bodies.

As a Notified Certification Body (NCB), UL supplies testing and certification expertise, with Arabic speaking staff, we can offer localized expertise regarding SASO’s processes, online systems and requirements. UL also provides accepted templates for a manufacturer’s and importer’s Declaration of Conformity, which is required to obtain certification.


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